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We are an on-line research and writing company. The range of services we offer includes academic writing and research in all major fields of study at all levels (high school, undergraduate, graduate). We are hiring university students, graduates, master's students and people with adequate English writing/researching skills. This is a great chance for people who would like to work from their home computer, deepen their knowledge in various fields and earn money.

Our company provides research assistance services to the English-speaking students around the world. This means that our writers produce various research papers. The customer specifies the level of the paper (high school, university, master's), its topic, number of pages needed, etc. and the writer can decide whether she/he would like to take the order and work on it.


Each time an order arrives, writers receive sms and email notifications about this new order, amount of pages, order topic and compensation offered for this particular order. We pay our writers based on the speed of delivery and complexity of the order. Generally, rates vary from $4/page to $12 per page. At the beginning of employment with us each writer should pass a trial period, during which rates are slightly lower. Once we see that the person is competent and trustworthy, we raise his/her rate per page. The payout time is from the 7th to the10th of each month. Payments are made through bank wire transfer of PayPal. If you are seriously planning to work with us, you should have a valid bank account (USD) or PayPal account.

We are looking for staff with:

- Excellent research and writing skills
- Internet access
- Much energy and desire to earn money
- Motivation, devotion, responsibility

We offer:

- Job for freelance researchers and writers with excellent knowledge of English
- Permanently open vacancies
- Flexible working schedule
- Fair compensation for quality writing

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If you are ready to start working as a writer/researcher with us, please, fill out our application form. We will view your application and get back to you shortly.

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